• We're RinoApps

    We believe that the brave new world of mobile apps is the vanguard of the greatest social evolution of our time. And because we want to be a part of it, we continuously strive to invent, improve and optimise apps which complement to lives of our users.

    We like making apps

    Especially ones that bring convenience, self-improvement, aid and precious moments of respite from day-to-day preoccupations to our user base. We create apps we'd like to use ourselves. And ones that answer to needs thus far ignored by the market. And sometimes we just want to see what happens when one of our ideas comes to life.


    Name a thing that annoys you (or just plain gets on your nerve) and meet people who dislike the exact same thing! A one-of-a-king app created to share your everyday grievances with the world.”

    Blok Ekipa Fat Lines

    New app for making Blok Ekipa memes and comics – it’s a must have for the true fans of the series. You can create pictures with favorite homies, choose from many gadgets and features, write offensive comments in comic speech balloons and share your creations with friends


    An intelligent assistant aimed to identify incoming phonecalls that utilizes machine learning. Everytime someone calls or texts you from a number that’s not on your phone’s list, the app will give you a hint whom it might be.

    We also like making games

    Because making games is cool. Simple as that. Making games is even more fun if they are being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people, provide them with a captivating experience and, after beating every challenge, a deep sense of satisfaction. And each and every time there's that little something that makes our titles stand out.

    Run the Beat

    Coming soon…


    An interactive game based on the legendary Tamagotchi concept. Look after your chav Spejson: take care that he eats his supplements, drink enough beer, sleeps and trains at the gym. At yours and his free time you can both play some games, as well.

    Scrapheads Attack

    The most popular game licensed games from the Blok Ekipa franchise. Defend Hornet from waves of scrapheads, receive help from well-known characters from the series and utilize deadly weapons to defeat your enemies.”

    96% Quiz

    One of the most popular logical quizzes in Poland. Assess an answer’s popularity, use various lifetime and feel just like you’re taking part in Family Feud.

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